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Useful Tips:
There are two Supermercati and one Bar close to the house in walking distance. Please note that Wednesday afternoon most shops and Bars are closed in Castell’ Umberto. Icecream specialities can be found in Naso on the left hand side direction Capo d'Orlando and around 100m prior to the little gas station - delicious and home made!
The fastest way to the beach: Direction Naso. After passing Naso direction Capo d’Orlando (at Cresta) turn right direction   Restaurant La Perla. This road leads to the beach of San Gregorio and the promenade of Capo d’Orlando.
Restaurants Recommendations:
Ristorante Nangalaruni
    Via delle Confraternite 10,
        Tel.: 0921-671428

          One of the best 15 trattoria’s of Italy. Specialities are cheese,   nuts, meat (from the black pork of the Nebrodi) and especialy fresh   mushrooms.  
          Ristorante La Perla
            Contrada Franci
                Tel: +390941954135

                  Direction Naso.   After passing Naso   direction Capo d’Orlando (at Cresta) turn right direction   Restaurant La Perla. After 500m on the right hand side! This   restaurant has been awarded by the gambero rosso and also   recommended from the slow food guide.
                  Speciality: Fresh fish and products from the Nebrodi

                  L’essenza dei Nebrodi
                    Via Sardini 5
                        Tel: +390941485570

                          Various specialities from the Nebrodi.
                          Antica Filanda
                          Contrada Raviola
                          Capri Leone
                          Tel: +300941919704

                          Hotel   "Tartaruga“
                          Capo D’Orlando
                          (At the beach of San Gregorio)
                          excellent Fish-restaurant.  

                          Pizzeria Bellavista
                            next to the house (50m)!

                            Very good Pizza from the wood stove.   
                            Trattoria Braco
                              Via   Sfaranda,
                                  Tel.: +39 0941-432875

                                  In walking distance (15 minutes) direction Sfaranda. Economic   restaurant with typical sicilian dishes. Especially the antipasti   are extraordinary, but also the Pizza and meat dishes. During the   main season it is recommended to reserve a table.

                                  Osteria Pizzeria delle Palme
                                  Via   Antonio Giuffre 2a,
                                  Tel.: 0941-961970         

                                  Wine tasting:

                                  The Donnafugata winery is just an hour's drive from Randazzo.

                                  more information, also reservation at:



                                  Enoteca Collova
                                  Capo d Orlando
                                  Via Piave 52
                                  Tel.: +390941 901272

                                  SCILIO s.r.l. Società Agricola
                                  Tel/ Fax: +39 095 932822
                                             Cantina, Vigneti, Agriturismo:
                                  Contrada Arrigo – 95015 Linguaglossa (CT)
                                  info@scilio.com               www.scilio.com

                                  Cheese, meat and   bread:

                                  La Fiumara
                                  98070 Mirto
                                  Tel: +393356651139

                                  Panificio antico
                                  Capo   D’Orlando

                                  Very good bakery. Speciality:  Arancini,   Panini and Pane.  

                                  Bar delle Poste,
                                  Via Roma 35,
                                  Capo D’Orlando
                                  Tel.: 090-9387027
                                  Speciality:  "dolci"!   


                                  Pescheria Brezza die Mare
                                  Capo d Orlando
                                  Via Lucia Piccolo
                                  Tel: +3939391224762

                                  Pescheria Star Fish
                                  Directly at the   main road on the left side when coming from Capo d'Orlando
                                  Fresh fish direct   from the sea. Best is to buy in the morning
                                  Sight Seeing:

                                  This ist he highest city of the Nebrodi  National Park (1200m   high). Here you can find shops for cheese and meat and the best   bread of the region. As well there are restaurants and fresh natural   spring water available.

                                  Volcano   Etna:
                                  The mountain you   can reach by going direction Randazzo. To climb the highest mountain   of Sicily  you can   either use the cable car or just hike up together with a guide.

                                  Eolian   islands :

                                  During the main season there are daily trips to the islands by   boat from Capo d’Orlando, whereas  all   ferries leave from Milazzo to the islands.    An extraordinary experience is the evening   walk up the volcano Stromboli (plan to stay the night on the   island Stromboli)


                                  Take the highway (Autostrada)   direction Messina or just cross the   mountains direction Randazzo to reach Taormina in about 1 hour. Taormina is a touristic highlight for shopping   but also for cultural possibilities. From the open greek theatre   there is a marvellous view to the Etna and the coast of Sicily.

                                  Well known fort he black   Madonna inside of the dome of Tindari. At sea level there is a great   bay with white sand for swimming and sunbathing.

                                  You can   make the trip either by car or by train in about 2 hours. The   railway station is in the center of Capo d’Orlando. In case you want   to take the car there are watched parking lots close to the harbour of Palermo.   

                                     Valle Galfina  Agriturismo   (Scilio, Vini DOC Dell'Etna)
                                     Bed   and Breakfast
                                     C.DA Arrigo
                                     95015 Linguaglossa (CT)
                                     +39   095 647789  / +39 347 3220084

                                  bad (bed&breakfast and design)
                                  95121 Catania

                                  Marina di Modica:
                                  Casa Del Mar    (Residence turistico)
                                  97015   Marina di Modica

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